Partner Perspectives

Monica Lyle and Lead Consulting have proven time and time again to be amazing business partners. They bring creativity, energy, focus, care and commitment to everything they do. Simply put — they have an uncanny ability to connect with clients needs and to put clients first in all engagements. We have used Monica Lyle as a coach, consultant, facilitator and trainer here at Jive Software and found her to be exceedingly professional, engaged and engaging. Monica has distinguished herself as a talented Executive Coach supporting leaders at all levels of the company. We receive consistent feedback that her clients feel inspired and encouraged to set stretch-goals, identify areas for growth and develop key leadership skills and that they have found great success in the approach, tools, techniques and guidance they receive from Monica to achieve their goals. Lead Consulting has also done great OD Consulting and Training and Development work at Jive including facilitation of meetings, strategic planning, conflict-resolution, team building and team development. Feedback has been spectacular. Participants consistently comment that MONICA brings energy, enthusiasm and absolute professionalism to each engagement and draws people to reach for new skills and to challenge themselves to grow beyond previously perceived limits. Simply stated — I would recommend Monica Lyle and Lead Consulting without hesitation and look forward to our next project together.
Vicki Ryan

Chief People Officer, Jive Software

Monica is a fabulous coach, period! I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work with Monica during an extremely pivotal time in my career. Monica listens attentively, spends time understanding the context by which her clients work in advance of her sessions, and then provides clear guidance on how to navigate appropriately. What sets Monica apart from the rest is her ability to remember the details. This enables her to quickly start from where she left off during the previous session. Any executive who wants to get to the next level should seek out Monica.
Rob Greer

VP & GM, HP Software, Network Security at Hewlett-Packard

Monica is a terrific coach with a reality-based approach couched in a great real and personal manner. She does a terrific job helping her clients identify what’s working and opportunities to get greater leverage and effectiveness out of themselves.
Carol Sustala

Vice President, Global Sales Operations , P2 Energy Solutions

I had the pleasure of working with Monica over the course of a year wherein she was able to provide great insight into leveraging my attributes in a focused way to achieve my career goals. During that time she demonstrated great insight and provided me with some very useful tools that I can continue to use throughout my career. Thanks for all of your guidance Monica.
Suzanne Cuthbert

Timberlands Controller, Weyerhaeuser

Monica brings her expertise, enthusiasm, integrity and creativity to every aspect of her work. I had the pleasure of working with her and was always impressed with her ability to jump in, engage positively to come up with terrific solutions to any challenge the organization faced.
Rose Singer

Former HROD Leader, Fujitsu

For anyone looking for insight on Monica’s capabilities, I can tell you that she is a talented, enthusiastic, and gifted coach and leader. She provides a positive balance between affirming what’s working well, honesty about what needs to improve, and practical ways to make that improvement happen.
Cathy Handzel

PMP, CSM, Symantec

…If you are looking to learn: how to be better leader and partner, self-awareness, or overall just professional growth – Monica can help you navigate these waters with such charisma and familiarity that you think you’ve been talking to a childhood friend who has known you your whole life.

…If you are serious about self-improvement then your time with Monica will immediately show results and benefits to your professional life with positive spill over to your personal life. Monica should be someone you are on a first name basis with. I plan to keep in touch with her even as my sessions have formally concluded, as I we have an investment that is well worth maintaining.

Keshila Vallot Shannon

Senior Marketing Manager, Centrify Corporation

Partial Client List

  • Adaptec
  • Adecco
  • BOLD/Live Career
  • Bright Horizons
  • Castlight Health
  • Fujitsu/Amdahl
  • Google
  • HP/Compaq
  • Jive Software
  • KLA-Tencor
  • Korn Ferry
  • Netflix
  • Newport/New Focus
  • Nortel Networks
  • Oracle/BEA Systems
  • Pivot Leadership
  • Santa Clara Valley Water District
  • Select Systems
  • Stanford University
  • Sun Light and Power
  • Symantec
  • ZD Events