Consultants often try to tell you what your problems are and how they can fix them before they really know you or your organization: what you value, what you want, what concerns you, what engages you, what is at the heart of your key challenges.

We feel that this is not only an insult to you and your organization’s true needs but puts the cart well before any horse.

lead_servicesphoto_assessOur strong belief in the uniqueness of each and every client and of each and every situation demands that we work with you to first assess organizational needs before offering support. During this discovery period we grow in knowledge of your organizational aspirations, inspirations and considerations.

Sometimes this information will lead us to recommend services we can provide. But, more often than not, it will lead us to recommend possible internal solutions or assistance from alternate service providers.

We don’t profess or promise to have all the answers for every situation.

What we do promise is that we will use our resources to help you find the best resource to meet your needs.

Our best opportunity to retain you as a client-for-life resides in our ability to provide credible advice, capable resources and consistent service.