Meetings, meetings and more meetings!

We complain about meetings perhaps more than any other organizational commitment. Why do meetings have such a bad reputation? Very often they are poorly managed, organized and run. They are topic-less, agenda-less and rudder-less. They gobble up valuable time and patience.

What’s to be done?


Why not reinvent the whole concept of meetings?

We offer our clients process facilitation consulting services for small and large group meetings, strategic planning and team building sessions. Facilitated meetings allow all team members to participate fully — taking the focus off individual people and putting the focus on shared processes. This often leads to more productive and less contentious meetings.

Our facilitation support also ensures that there is a structured process for the meeting. This allows everyone to know why the meeting is happening, how they can contribute, what will take place in the meeting, what will happen as a result of the meeting and more.

While we won’t say that our facilitation consulting services turn every meeting into a standing-room-only event, our clients tell us that our assistance has made their meetings meaningful, productive, interactive and, yes, even fun!